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BodyBugg Calorie Management System:

BodyBugg System:
Know how many calories you are burning with the exclusive
Bodybugg Calorie Management System by 24 Hour Fitness. The bodybugg
uses patented technology to accurately measure your individual calorie burn. The
bodybugg CORE and Bodybugg LINK makes it easy to manage the calories you
consume and burn, making it easy to manage and control your weight. Once you
upload the data from the
bodybugg armband to your computer, the bodybugg
web application software will show you how many calories that you have burned
throughout the day or during specific activities. The
bodybugg system will actually
measure and calculate your calorie burn per minute. If you prefer to know how
many calories that you have burned without having to use a computer, the
Bodybugg Digital Display will provide real-time results via the bodybugg digital
display armband
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